November 17, 2011

Experience supervising staff/volunteers in a community recreation setting (i.e. hiring, training, scheduling, evaluating performance, etc.).


I spent my summers working for the Boy Scouts of America running Rivers in Maine and most of my years in college as either a Lifeguard or a Program Director for a group home working with folks with disabilities.  It was during this time in my life I realized I could be compensated for what I loved to do.  As a result, nearly my entire 14 year career has been spent working in community recreation settings.  I have worked in every nearly every position from a janitor or referee to leading large management teams for city and county organizations.


Hiring.  I have had the opportunity to hire hundreds of individuals for a variety of capacities in fulltime, part-time, temporary, seasonal and volunteer settings.  Hiring or casting the right individuals is critical to a successful organization.


Training.  After selecting the right individuals it is then critical to train them and make expectations very clear.  I have lead training seminars almost monthly for the past several years including the initial training for two newly constructed recreation centers. 


Scheduling.  I have created and monitored schedules for staff in a variety of settings.  I currently organize and responsible for the daily scheduling of 35 staff. 


Evaluating Performance.  I have had the opportunity to work within several different systems in regards to evaluating performance.  In my current position we evaluate our staff monthly.